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Alwaleed Philanthropies

A global vision established.
What we did: 
In 2014 the scope of “ The Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundations” work evolved from regional to tackling global problems and partnering with global organizations to solve it. The brand needed a new brand strategy unifying their fractured identity between the three foundations they hold, Saudi, Lebanese and Global.
Our challenge was to redefine what “ The Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundations” brand stood for in a way that would unite their entities, help employees feel proud of and part of the greater whole, and inspire and guide them to deliver what matters most to people. More than retelling the brand story, we needed to reinvigorate a shared global business culture.
How we did it: 
In an effort to streamline the brand and follow the example of one of the world’s most admired, prominent and wide-reaching charitable organizations, we suggested a fresh new title for the brand: Alwaleed Philanthropies. The two-word brand name is, of course, shorter and more memorable. However, it also reflects the scope of our work and offers a great deal of flexibility for future initiatives. We developed a new brand promise ‘Without Boundaries”. Our slogan and elevator pitch help us to tell the world what we are about. Quickly and clearly. 
We worked closely with our partners in every region around the world, defining how the business needs to behave and act to deliver the ‘Without boundaries’ promise. This led to a global blueprint for the ideal employee and partner’s experience, with clear objectives for every part of the business to make it a reality. A bold visual style and the new tag line sends a clear message that Alwaleed Philanthropies is evolving, with a renewed commitment to building relationships that drive mutual success. To underpin this strong, unified voice for the business, we developed a simplified brand and product architecture that now reflects a connected global business, and helps the partners more easily find the right focus areas provided by the brand.
The new branding was launched internally for the employees and externally for the mass audience through a global campaign. It was a chance to celebrate past achievements, build pride in Alwaleed Philanthropies forward direction, and establish a common understanding of what needs to be done to deliver the new branding. 
The challenge that needed to be addressed as Secretary general said, “There is a perception that we give away money, but we don’t. We want to give the image that we work in partnership and sustainable projects. There is a lack of communication and media. And now it is solved”