Barq Al Aseel

Brand Identity
What we did.: 

Barq AlAseel holdings, is a holding company that is owned by a royal member. Company’s activities land more in the business support/services category. It is to act as a local agent to facilitate a product (any product) to market or invention through sponsorship. These products could be quite varied, but for now, only, the company is focusing on luxury/fine foods’ field.

How we did it.: 

The new logo shows an unusual yet classic combination of aqua and gray colors. Using the bold, serious Kufi font conveys seriousness and trust. The block-shape symbolizes a window that opens up to endless opportunities.

The results - opportunites to see.: 

Barq AlAseel’s brand now reflects the dynamic support the company offers, and shows a secure, optimistic future for employees and clients. The brand received, constantly, positive reviews from all kinds of people and it was extremely well received internally and externally.

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