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Begging is an act, don’t react

What we did: 
Begging has become a cause for concern in Saudi Arabia. The phenomenon is on the rise in the Kingdom because the majority of beggars are trafficked through nearby countries and during annual religious seasons and then stay in the country afterwards. The issue is further complicated by the sympathy shown to them by both visitors and locals.
Begging has social, economic, and security impacts on the community, and the Saudi authorities have taken steps to fight beggars, of whom a large number were arrested. However, beggars will not cease their activities as long as people themselves continue to encourage them.

People innately want to do good and help those in need, especially during the month of Ramadan where begging increases by 50%. But beggars are almost always pretenders who abuse the goodwill of people.
How we did it: 
Al Waleed Philanthropies with cooperation from local authorities launched an awareness campaign to educate people about who beggars really are, and the different tactics they use to scam people.
For more information about the campaign and how you can support it, more facts about beggars, and to know more about which official channels to donate your money to, please visit