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Creative Closets

How we put creative clothes on the outside of a closet.
What we did: 
Creative Closets manufactures exclusive customized closet furniture, made from exquisite German wood, and sells them in eight show rooms, in four countries, across the Middle East. They have been established for over ten years but they needed a breath of fresh air, a new brand personality, to enhance their reputation and, ultimately to increase sales. 

Bold shifted the perception of the brand dramatically by improving image advertising and point of sale. We made their showrooms a talking point, right across the region.
How we did it: 

We took the Creative Closet brand on a 360º tour, analyzing the gaps, researching and re-analyzing. Then we set about the creative treatment – the photography here speaks for itself.


We turned Creative Closets from just another wardrobe company into a brand leader across MENA. They’re now viewed as a luxury storage solutions manufacturer and can confidently call themselves the market leader in high-quality closets.