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The fast
What we did: 

EMS/AL BAREED AL MOMTAZ is a courier service supported by the Official Saudi Postal. In 2012, they launched “Mobtaath” service, targeting students living abroad. The launch was followed by an online campaign claiming, “ Delivering what you love, to the people you love”. The campaign was successful yet most of the target audiences still think of the brand as a local mailing service within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They needed to change this perception and to engage the online growing community, which now has high expectations of the brand. Our challenge was to change people’s perception on Al Bareed Al Momtaz by associating that it’s an international brand with credibility, & public familiarity.

How we did it: 

During Ramadan, everyone prefers to get closer with his/her family specially the ones living abroad. So our destination was the malls buzzing with visitors, so we wanted to give a chance for everyone to step into the world of “Mobtaath service”. To achieve our goal we assigned the international artist Leon Keer to make a 3D art illusion over 95sqm on the mall floor for the 1st time in KSA, showing the service destinations landmarks inside the shipping box, supported by augmented reality technology that shows boxes moving between the landmarks. And visitors can share this and win free shipping coupon. To engage our online audience, we seeded a viral teaser video of the service mascot calling him “ THE FAST". The video shows The Fast jumping inside the ems box and disappears. The video directs you to an online game where you have to find him within the service destinations and win a prize.


We were able to create the desired perception and the number of Mobtaath customers continuous to rise. ROI Resulted over 87,000 online participation in only a period of 1 week.