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What we did: 
Rukun, is a contemporary design and art gallery based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that showcases unique creations sourced from around the world. Inspired by a variety of sources and taking its cues from the art world, each piece possesses an original quality that goes beyond the functionality of everyday design. Manipulation of materials and transforming our preconceived notions of the way they react is one of the main characteristics we wish to display.
The gallery focuses on nurturing personal experiences with all of the pieces it displays. Telling a story and portraying where each designer wishes to take his or her work, is an integral part of this experience. Never forceful, each item is meant to have its presence as a stand-alone piece of design or art, and yet at the same time has the ability to integrate itself into any interior.The gallery always welcomes new talents and strives to become a destination for both artists and designers of the region. Our space aims to be a hub for creative minds displaying the merger of playfulness and craftsmanship and showing what this union is able to produce.
How we did it: 
Bold had the privilege to help craft a concept that focuses on nurturing personal experiences and deliver moments of delight in their interactions with the brand.
We created a concept that took the sensation of tradition and pushed it further, to make it a modern-tradition, focused on simplicity, and the idea of “less is more”.
From this creative idea we developed the name RUKUN/KUN, and a visual identity based on the idea of modern tradition. The simple Arabic letters and Tashkeel come together to form a sense of authenticity. The logo is direct, modern and unique among the brands in its competitive set.

RUKUN’s brand was well received and is currently serving as the guiding force for their efforts to create meaningful and creative furniture pieces.