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Brand Identity
What we did: 

Many young talented designers lack the guidance and know-how of PR and marketing, Stitch will step in as a platform for emerging Saudi fashion designers to produce, market and represent their designs. All services, a young label could look for, under one roof. Stitch is a pioneer in Saudi and the GCC fashion industry and it will help young designers expand their brand into a larger market locally and internationally, with absolutely no competitors.

How we did it: 

We created an identity that portrays the spirit of the company through the thin lines and colors. Not only simple and modern but it also has related symbolism; the lines resemble stitches or a line to show where to start cutting the fabric, which are perfect symbols for the fashion agency Stitch. The choice of 2 colors black and white were chosen respectively to represent Stitch.


Stitch’s brand now reflects the strong support the company offers to the designers and shows a modern trendy look. The brand received, constantly, positive reviews and people knew what it is about immediately.