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Winter At Tantoura

The gate for different civilizations
What we did: 
In a place that was for too long Hidden; “Winter at Tantora” brand brought the world attention to a new world-class tourism destination, Al Ula county. The brand was used as the gate to connect Saudi Arabia to the world and present the country cultural richness at its best.
Every aspect of the brand tells a story about the ancient civilizations of those region-connecting travelers from the past with the travelers of the present in a form of an open-air museum. 

This historic event is a significant step forward in drawing greater attention to the historic county of Al-Ula and celebrating the Kingdom’s vast heritage and culture.”

Until recently, Saudi Arabia remained a mystery to the world as tourism involved only religious pilgrimages, leaving behind a cultural richness hidden.
The royal commission for Al-Ula wanted to introduce the cultural and touristic festival “ Winter At Tantora” in Al-Ula county to the world by capturing the wonders of the place.

Our objective was to bring the world attention to the breath-taking UNESCO World Heritage site and position it as a new world-class tourism destination as a support to the government’s efforts of enhancing the country’s image and branding.

The Budget to build the brand identity was 250K$ excluding the media and PR and on ground installation. 
The Festival’s management has published many pictures and videos, a global PR campaign took place in addition to the launch of a website and social media pages that posts the dates and timings for event concerts and activities.
How we did it: 
From the Dedanites to the Lehyanites, to the Nabataeans to the Ottomans, back to the Arabs. Thousands of years of civilizations accumulated to create Al-Ula County. Cultures that only a few knew about. 

With a name inspired by a sundial located in Al-Ula’s old town, used by the local population for years, as both a mode of telling time and a marker of the changing of the seasons, “Winter at Tantora” brand came to decode the history of a 5000 years ancient place. The brand tells the story of the cultural richness that the kingdom has witnessed
Throughout the time derived from the civilizations that passed and connecting the travelers of the past with the travelers of the present.

Designed to showcase the cultural richness of the country and the past civilizations to the rest of the world, the logo was created to reflect the continuation of the story represented by three graphical layers framing a designed typeface for the festival name.

We used the open historical library at Okma Mountain, that contains hundreds of carvings on its rocky mound as a source of inspiration to introduce different symbols representing the past and present civilizations forming together a dynamic shape creating a window from the past to the present.

The color palette was inspired by the natural surrounding and blended perfectly with the touch points to create a synergy with the place. 

From Art installations to 3D projection on mountains to wayfinding, to stage branding, “Winter at Tantora” served as an open-air museum for its visitors from all across the world.
From a place too long hidden, to the new world tourism destination. “Winter At Tantora” has received over than 350 million impressions since its announcement.

It was visited by world leaders, reporters, artists and influencers from all around the globe bringing Saudi Arabia to the global tourism map.

With limited seats, the festival tickets were sold out for all concerts and activities, and the festival continued to attract investors from all around the globe similar to recently signed first of its kind partnership with 

The local and the international communities perceived the brand positively, and it opened new employment opportunities for the residents in the area as well attracted global investors like the Accor Hotels who became the hospitality partner for the landmark festival. 

This historic event is a significant step forward in drawing greater attention to the historic county of Al-Ula and celebrating the Kingdom’s vast heritage and culture.”