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XY Noodles

Brand Identity
What we did: 
XY noodles, is a newly opened chain of noodle restaurants. They serve dining-in and on the go noodles. They have four kinds of noodles with variety of spices and toppings. 
XY is an abbreviation of Chinese word “Xieyi” the Chinese translation of doodle.
How we did it: 
Our goal was to create an experience that was unique to Riyadh but could be translated into an ongoing series from city to city.  
We used a thin typed logo on top of a pattern. The font we used is minimal, thin and clean highlighting XY noodles’ approach, smooth and modern. 
This concept uses a series of even lines, as a pattern, to convey the uniformity and precision that are part of XY noodles. The pattern symbolizes the most important element that comes to mind when you say “noodles”, chopsticks. We eliminated colors, which allowed for the creative patterns to take center stage.

The restaurant drew hundreds of visitors, offering good food and an eye-catching modern and simple design.