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or Brownies?


Partnering with Dominos

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Our task was simple; we had a new product to launch. A marbled cake part cookies part brownies is served by Dominos and loved globally. The new dessert had to compete with similar treats offered by other chains, but it’s main competitor was another Dominos hit: The lava souffle. We knew people will love it, but the challenge was to get them to try it.

Strategy & Creative approach

We decided to get people curious enough to go and give it a chance. We decided to pose them a question: What is this new product? To answer it they had to try it.

Inspiration came from the nature of the product itself. First in the form of a name; “Crownies” combined the two components of the dessert: Cookies and brownies. Then we posed the question, what is Crownies? Is it cookies with brownies or brownies with cookies? We put this question along other unanswerable ones and made this our platform. This invitation to discover became the platform of our entire campaign and severed as a precursor to introduce the product and create engagement

Get your message out.

The launch began with massive outdoor presence that occupied vast amounts of outdoor media across the kingdom. using our main tagline: Crownies: is it cookies with brownies or brownies with cookies?

Tv Spot

Our main campaign video was used on TV and pushed over social media. It portrayed a man posing questions that riddled humanity. He eventually highlights his main concern while truing our new dessert: what is Crownies? the main actor was a very well-known Saudi social media comedy figure. And the situation used in the show were inspired by local Saudi urban myths

A youtube show.

A daily YouTube show where a presenter poses random questions that have no answers. Viewers are invited to share any answer they have for a chance to win a prize. The comic nature of the show and the easiness of securing a win were the hooks behind viewership and engagement.