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Different People,
Different Needs.


Partnering with Creative Closets

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Creative closets were founded in Saudi Arabia in 1997, both introducing the concept and defining the custom closet in the middle east. The brand was suffering from a lack of awareness due to its focus on the corporate business more than the retail one.


Bridge the gap between the audience and the brand.

Our strategy focused on bridging the gap between the brand and their audience by showing our role as a brand and our understanding of every person’s needs and especially the female as the main audience.


A space of your own

We released our video on different tv channels supported with a print campaign, The video shows lady strides though her very spacious quarters to the strains of esoteric-sounding music when, as if by magic, all of the furniture comes together to create one big whole.

The production

Working closely with trizz studio, the products were studied and photographically reconstructed in 3d, storyboarded and story animatics defined - each step meticulously directed by Oriol Puig.

Tactical Campaign

A digital campaign followed featuring different females from different age groups within space showing the possibilities that the brand can provide to the consumer following every person’s needs. The visuals were reconstructed in 3D and the campaign was spread across different fashion websites and magazines leading the audience to visit the website and request a consultation.


The campaign was met positively by the people and received more than 7500 consultation requests within the first week of the launch.

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Abeer Alessa
Hessah Sudairi
Mohamad Baalbaki
Aljoharah Alrasheed
Syed Rzvi