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For years, Saudi Arabia has been a country embedded in cultural and traditional constructs, which resulted in creating a negative stereotypical representation towards the equalization of male and female roles in society.

The strategy

Translate the image of the Modern Saudi Society; a balanced, equalized & empowered one.

We introduced “Hero Next to Hero”, It is an empowerment campaign by Alwaleed Philanthropies, that challenges the stereotypical idea of the Saudi society in regards of equality by placing both men and women at the forefront of empowerment.

Transforming the Saudi’s most optimal cultural icon.

We started with the Thobe and Abaya, Saudi’s most optimal cultural icons, working closely with Saudi female fashion students at Raffle’s academy to transform them into flying wingsuits.

Teaser video

Starting the conversation

Then, released a video-teaser film to establish context and trigger conversation on different social channels. The video showcased an unusual dynamic of a Saudi female and her father.

The film

Engaging with the public

Thereafter, we launched the campaign’s film. The film challenges the stereotypical image of the Saudi male, positioning him at the center of support defying the common representation of oppressiveness depicted on Saudi males; and in parallel, it positions the Saudi female in a position of empowerment and drive We framed our message to target perception internationally and inspire support locally, which was carried across different events around the world.

Web experience

Society as part

We published an online microsite to engage with our audience and allow our them to support the new image of modern Saudi. User can go through the campaign story and be part of it by sharing his/her take on towards the subject.

“A symbolic significance of the Hero Next to Hero campaign”

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Alwaleed Philanthropies was selected by UN Women to partner for “Every Women and Girl Counts” to run a project to measure the real women empowerment status in Saudi Arabia and update the Saudi gender statistics on global indices.

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