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Right to breathe - the interactive storytelling experience


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This digital experience was designed as part of the “Right To Breathe” campaign, which aimed to raise awareness on the dangers of second-hand smoking, along with promoting an application made by the Ministry of Health to report smoking in public places. Basically, empowering non-smokers and recruiting them in the fight against smoking. We wanted to expand the campaign digitally to increase its reach, especially with the youth being our primary target audience.

The Idea

Information alone is not enough, we wanted to transform our digital channel into an effective medium that can establish a connection with our audience, build empathy, and trigger action, all while delivering critical information in a fun and engaging way.

Our idea was to create an interactive story-telling experience that takes the audience into the backstory of the “Bubble man”, the campaign’s protagonist, on a mission to find some clean air to breathe, to eventually be free of the constraints of his bubble.

Wireframing vs. Storyboarding

In order to tackle this project as a harmonious narrative, we decided to ditch the wireframes and storyboard the website instead. The entire user experience was sketched, scene by scene.

In an attempt to craft a multi-sensory experience, narration, sound effects, transitions and interactions had to be taken into account.

The Visual Direction

Approaching this process holistically, as part of the campaign, we needed to translate its visual assets into a design language that connects the experience together.

We designed a decided that the best way to go about it was to create an Arabic typographic experience, injecting elements of the campaign’s visual direction into a loader, container holder... Etc.

Promoting The Experience

To further expand the campaign’s reach, we created an AR snapchat lens that transforms the user into the campaign mascot and drive them to share the video outcome or visit the website.


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