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2020 was a challenging year for most aviation companies, and Flynas was no different. COVID-19 disrupted motion around the world, so we created a way to transform the situation into an opportunity to stand by “the people” in times of hardship.

The brand true essence.

With a big fleet on the ground and a full crew, our strategy focused on coming closer to our audience and capitalize on the brand essence.

"NAS" as a brand.

So we introduced “NAS” brand - a new take that capitalises on the brand’s true essence: “the people”. The word "Nas" means people in Arabic.

Closer to audience.

Our communication unfolded across different social media channels, using educational and entertaining content; and was met with high social media engagement.


bold - project
bold - project
bold - project
bold - project


At the end, we were able to deliver our message, engage with our audience and, most importantly, deliver a positive message during a challenging time.

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