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The "Seven Crusts"


Partnering with Dominos

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Our campaign coincided with Dominos launch of their new crust the “Double melt. In the efforts of increasing pizza sales, Dominos decided to educate its customers on the variety of all their crusts. Surprisingly, even loyal customers did not know the full scope of available crusts, limiting hence their “options” and seeking the crust they want from competitors.


The seven Crusts

Our strategy focused on simplifying the order process by developing a fresh and relatable naming approach. Therefore we started by grouping the names into three groups that works as a suborder.

We then looked into the character of each of the crusts, and linked it with a human trait. Our aim was to hook customer with crust by matching preference to qualities.


We collaborated with a famous Saudi comedian Ziad Al Omari to create seven commercials depicting different characters resembling to the crusts under the one umbrella of “The seven Crusts”. The campaign unfolded digitally and physically across different touch-points.

We engaged with our audience digitally using interactive microsite whereby we could educates customers on the seven crusts new naming and grouping through using the fortune wheel as a rewarding symbol.


Majdi Ghraizi
Raji Abo Chakra
Abeer Alharbi
Yara Murad