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Almarai is an empire, situated in +12 locations, employing + 40k people of 69 nationalities, creating an undefined culture. With that come challenges like disconnection between employees and a lack of alignment on the company’s values, leading to a high turnover employment rate. To combat this, we were tasked to come up with a solution.

WE Evolve WE Care WE Empower WE Celebrate


Derived from the brand values, our strategy was to re-introduce the HR department in a more approachable way to nurture the sense of belonging and pride and drive people to speak one language of unity, understanding, acceptance resulting in a better work environment for all.

So we introduced “WE” @ Almarai, a totally new brand with a mission of activating the brand values across different communication pillars: WE Evolve, WE Care , WE Empower, WE Celebrate

The real people behind all the hard work, together as one.

We released a film showcasing the true essence of the brand and how it is translated and affecting everyone. The film script also came as a message of appreciation for every individual’s efforts towards the growth of the brand.

The video showcased real people in action across Almarai farms, offices and depots within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, coming all together as one.

Internal branding followed the video as a reminder of the values along with aspiring messages that touches everyone within different departments

Internal Posters

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From a culture that lacks unity, to the first prize Waai Award winner organization 2020

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Fahed Alhimsi
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