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Partnering with Royal Commission for Al-Ula

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Until recently, Saudi Arabia remained a mystery to the world as tourism involved religious pilgrimages only, leaving behind the Kingdom’s rich culture hidden. The Royal Commission for Al-Ula wanted to introduce the cultural and tourism festival in Al-Ula county to the world by capturing the natural wonders of the place.

The Strategy

We wanted to bring attention to the breath-taking UNESCO World Heritage site, & its surroundings.

We positioned "Winter At Tantora" as a new world-class tourism destination as a support to the government’s efforts of enhancing the country’s image and branding.

With a name inspired by a sundial located in Al-Ula’s old town, used by their locals for years, as both a mode of telling time and a marker of the changing of the seasons, the brand came to decode the history of a 5000 year old place.

The window to different civilizations.

With multiple layers representing history, present, future surrounding a unique typeface, the main emblem was a true reflection of a continuous story.

Petroglyphs and symbols from arabic writing, etched into nearby boulders from centuries ago, were extracted and refined to create a dynamic logo and symbol pack.

Symbols derived from its natural surroundings.

We used the open historical library at Ikmah Mountain. It contains hundreds of carvings on its rocky mound and was a source of inspiration, in order to introduce different symbols to reflect the civilizations that passed across the area.

Colors derived from the natural surroundings

The color palette was inspired by the natural surroundings and blended perfectly with the touch-points to create a synergy with the place.

A mystical journey.

With limited seats for every concert, our communication unfolded across different touchpoints to attract visitors from all around the globe and to draw greater attention to the historic county of Al-Ula and celebrating the Kingdom’s vast heritage and culture.

An open-air museum

From art installations, projections and wayfinding, to stage branding, “Winter at Tantora” served as an open-air museum for its visitors from all across the world.


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From a place too long hidden, to the new world tourism destination. “Winter At Tantora” has received over 350 million impressions since its announcement.



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Abeer Alharbi
Mohamad Baalbaki
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