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Bullying is a critical social epidemic in Saudi Arabia, often following the victims beyond their school premises via social media. In response to this, and with an aim to protect the youth and raise awareness, Words Matter was launched to shed light on the school bullying, inviting parents and school instructors to take part in finding solutions.

The Strategy

We aimed at capturing the interest and attention of the society.

We created an Instagram account for a 12-year-old girl named Badriyah and populated it with content, showing her depression due to bullying. We then collaborated with a school to perform a 5-days social experiment where Badriyah covered her experience daily via her social media account.

Story revealed

We revealed the story at school and social media channels and at the school and introduced an approachable and familiar role model that kids can utilize to be empowered.

The Experiment & Activation

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Online Tvc

An online TVC was introduced along with educational content addressing different segments of society followed the reveal phase, establishing a foundation for inspiring solutions.

Moreover, we introduced a mobile app to connect the students with social counselors where they can anonymously seek help. Smart posters connected to RFID’s uniform badges were installed inside bathrooms where students can instantly report any act of bullying without being exposed.


The initiative successfully ignited conversation among society and was even adopted by the Ministry of Education, who later introduced solutions among many schools around the Kingdom.

Al Tarbiyah-Al-Islamiyah Schools adopted solutions to prevent bullying and become the first bullying-free school in the Kingdom. Since then, more schools and NGOs have requested to support in spreading the initiative at schools and events like King AbdulAziz Center for National Dialogue and Kingdom Schools.

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