10 Years Now

Now Health International

Now Health International is an award-winning international health insurance provider delivering the best-in-class service to over 125,000 members in 200+ territories worldwide.
The brand's promise to its customers is represented by its name: 'Now' is clear, innovative, and accessible. This means clear, relevant information, easy-to-use online tools, and fast service from people who respect your time. Our products are designed to be comprehensive and benefit-rich.

Now Health wanted to celebrate its 10-year anniversary by communicating the brand's principles and promise - Live Healthier, Live Happier.

10 Years Now

Now Health is responsible for its customers' health, insurance, and future. Now health wants people to worry less about tomorrow and focus on their growth, happiness, innovation, success, and all the good values of being in the now.

After creating the identity, we came up with a visual theme that communicates the brand principles and highlights the brand's spread worldwide and inclusiveness of race, gender, age, and nationality.