Launching DAN, a PIF Company

DAN Company

Dan Company, a PIF Company, aims to develop new Agri-tourism, Eco-tourism, and Adventure Tourism destinations across Saudi Arabia. The Project caters to the different tastes and requirements all different groups from Saudi, Gulf Region, and international individuals & families looking to enjoy their leisure time having a unique experience of connecting to nature.

DAN will offer these individuals hospitality, and entertainment experiences revolving around eco-tourism, Agri-tourism, and adventure in nature. Their mandate also includes franchising to third parties (farmers/investors) to develop and operate their farms/lodges per company standards.

Our main objective was to create a campaign that would stand out from the clutter by providing a unique experience and visual direction that represents DAN. Our campaign positioned DAN as the world's port for finding and exploring Saudi new nature experiences. In our approach, we emphasized the similarities between humans and nature, or, more accurately, how they are one and the same.