A governmental entity
 with a unique perspective

National Events Center (NEC)

The National Events Center (NEC) was created with the purpose of creating events with international standards that serve society and enhance their well-being, through developing the Kingdom’s events sector to its full potential.
Creating a joyful user experience, that spotlights the brand essence, with an accessible responsive design that encourages user interaction to spotlight NEC’s services and initiatives.

We’re privileged to be partnering with the National Events Center (NEC), the governmental entity that is leading the events and entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia.

NEC's role in shaping the cultural landscape made their website a crucial tool to communicate their brand, both verbally and visually, while adhering to Digital Government Authority (DGA) accessibility requirements.

The main challenge lay in creating a website that catered to everyone, representing a governmental entity, while also possessing a unique personality to complement the NEC brand. 


Expanding their visual identity and devising a comprehensive design system that brought their brand to life, ensuring a captivating and consistent experience with each user interaction.

the experience

Focusing on three key elements:

Positioning NEC as a facilitator for private sectors, enabling them to host large-scale events that adhere to international standards. Accentuating NEC's achievements and expertise through compelling case studies and impressive statistical data. Emphasizing the user-friendly online platforms provided by NEC, streamlining event discovery and organizing throughout the Kingdom.

We crafted captivating content, including interactive greeting cards, to deliver an enriching user experience that entices visitors to return to the website.


Throughout our design and development process, we remained committed to making accessibility a priority while adhering to DGA (Digital Government Authority) guidelines. Our approach focuses on inclusivity, and we've seamlessly integrated features such as audio narration, customizable text size, and high-contrast design into the National Events Center's website to provide a user-friendly experience for all. Our dedication to accessibility reflects our belief that every visitor, regardless of their abilities, should have equal access to NEC's valuable information and services.

Customizable text size

High-contrast Design

Audio Narration

Furthermore, Bold equipped NEC with a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that empowered them to easily manage their content. By optimizing for discoverability through robust SEO strategies, we ensured that NEC's events, services, and resources could be easily found and accessed by their audience