Interactive environmental awareness experience in our META Forest

AlWaleed Philanthropies x The World Scout Foundation

The META Forest was crafted for the JOTA-JOTI day, an annual global gathering of scouts providing an opportunity for young people to learn about different cultures, engage in educational activities, and promote global friendship and understanding.
Partnering with two NGOs to bring the vital initiative of forest conservation into the the virtual realm.

AP and the Scouts presented us with the exciting opportunity to craft an immersive experience for the JOTA-JOTI event, designed to educate children about the crucial significance of preserving our forests.


The core concept is to lead children through a brief yet informative and enjoyable journey, enlightening them about the threats endangering our forests and emphasizing their vital role in maintaining the balance of life on our planet. This interactive experience involves the enjoyable task of planting a virtual tree, sharing it with the world, and even having the chance to win a limited edition NFT.

The experience

Our experience is intricately crafted with the user's journey in mind. Ensuring they pass through all the important info panels first to learn about the problem, explore real-world solutions and receive instructions for planting the tree. All that before reaching the seeds area to collect their seeds and then easily teleport to the forest to plant their first tree.

behind the scenes

The 3D wireframes and how we transformed it into an engaging metaverse experience.

Entering the main gate.

Checking the event status screen.

Collecting the seeds.

Planting a virtual tree.

Sharing the new tree with the world.

Kids safety features

We've implemented a moderation feature empowering moderators to swiftly block suspicious users and maintain a disturbance-free experience within the space.

Additional features

To enhance the richness and educational value for kids, we integrated "Info Boxes" throughout the space. These serve the purpose of providing users with random fun facts about trees and their impact on our environment.

Visual designs

Our design philosophy for the floating panels aligns with the concept of open space. Opting for a separated sections design, we aimed to unveil the area behind each panel while maintaining a visually vibrant and playful atmosphere for the kids.