Reviving Saudi History Through Interactive Storytelling

King Abdulaziz Foundation For Research And Archives (DARAH)

DARAH, a governmental organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Saudi Arabia's rich history, approached us with a unique challenge. 

 They sought to engage the Saudi youth in a meaningful way, bringing them closer to their heritage while making history more accessible and engaging.
The goal was to create a web-based experience that blended modern technology with traditional storytelling, fostering a sense of pride and connection among the younger generation.

The challenge was to design and build an interactive storytelling web-based experience that would resonate with the Saudi youth. The approach needed to be innovative, avoiding the conventional wireframing process and instead focusing on a narrative-driven design. The objective was to make the user an active participant in history, allowing them to take micro-actions symbolizing their connection to the past.

behind the scenes

Our design process departed from the traditional web design approach. Instead of wireframing, we embraced the concept of storytelling. We began by crafting a compelling narrative, outlining the key moments in Saudi history that would resonate with the target audience. This narrative served as the foundation for our design, guiding us through the creation of storyboards that visually depicted the user's journey.


With the storyboards in place, we transitioned to a 3D design approach. Drawing inspiration from the branding of Saudi Arabia's founding day, we created a visually stunning 3D space that would serve as the backdrop for the interactive experience. The color palette, typography, and overall aesthetic were carefully chosen to evoke a modern yet historically rooted ambiance.

Progressing through the story by scrolling.

Providing the user with additional information along the journey.

Mixing interactive tasks with automatic camera movements.

Mixing interactive tasks with automatic camera movements.


The next step involved the integration of webGL to bring the 3D space to life. Animation was a key element, allowing us to dynamically showcase historical events and create an immersive experience. The interactive elements were carefully woven into the narrative, enabling users to take micro-actions that symbolized their participation in historical moments.

Key Features

Narrative-Driven Design

The entire experience was built around a captivating narrative, ensuring that users felt connected to the historical events unfolding before them.

3D Space Inspired by Branding

The visual appeal of the web-based experience was heightened by a 3D space designed to reflect the aesthetics of the founding day branding.

Interactive Micro-Actions

Users were given the opportunity to actively engage with the history by taking micro-actions, symbolizing their participation in key events.

WebGL Animation

The use of WebGL brought the 3D space to life, allowing for seamless and visually stunning animations that enhanced the storytelling experience.


This case study showcases the power of innovative design thinking in creating meaningful and engaging web-based experiences. By departing from the traditional design process and embracing storytelling, 3D design, and interactive elements, we were able to bridge the gap between the past and the present, making history not just a lesson but an experience for the Saudi youth.