An artistic peek into the diverse and profound tapestry of Saudi craftsmanship.

Saudi Artisanal Company

With their goal of empowering the Kingdom's artisans, steering the industry towards the future, and unveiling the treasures of Saudi craftsmanship to the world, it was essential to craft the Saudi Artisanal Company Website by seamlessly blending modern design techniques with the impactful legacies of the past.
Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of land and culture, our mission was to breathe life into Saudi craftsmanship.
the brand

Our dedication to draw inspiration from the diversity of Saudi culture became the driving force behind our creative journey, ensuring that our work not only reflected a visual appeal but also carried the weight of a cultural narrative.

It became paramount for us not only to comprehend the intricate details and unique characteristics of the culture but also to seamlessly integrate them into the fabric of our creative process. Consequently, we crafted a distinctive color palette and various patterns inspired by the materials from Saudi heritage traditionally employed by craftsmen of the past.

craft presentation

At the heart of the experience was the intention to showcase the artistry of SAC creations. This was achieved by guiding viewers through the craftsmen's creative journey, commencing with drawing inspiration from the surrounding culture and nature of the Kingdom, progressing to sketching ideas, and ultimately unfolding the intricate crafting process.

the experience

Recognizing the need to highlight the intricate details of the craftsmanship, we made the strategic decision to incorporate numerous videos throughout the website alongside images. We believe that there is no better way to showcase the depth of the craft than by allowing the viewer to witness it in action through dynamic visual content.

the result

The outcome is a captivating visual journey for the user as they scroll through each page of the website, authentically embodying SAC's commitment to "Preserving the past by paving the future."