Bringing a visual identity to life with a modern corporate website

Saudia Cargo

We needed to figure out how to be our own benchmark for websites in this industry, creating an elevated UX experience for what otherwise might be another dull functional interface.
Beyond uplifting the user experience and creating a digital presence that is as inspiring as their brand promise.

Saudia Cargo, the national carrier for all cargo, were rebranding and wanted their digital presence to reflect their new positioning and uplifted visual identity.

Their new slogan: Life Uninterrupted.

An initial audit of their website showed visible UX pain points such as a lot of external linking, especially for their e-services such as bookings and charter requests, and inconsistencies in their designs. The project came with constraints from their IT such as the inability to integrate these e-services. So, the challenge for us was figuring out how to elevate the user experience as well as deliver the desired emotional impact, using strictly a redesigned information architecture and uplifted content.

The Execution

We began with an intensive phase of UX research which included identifying and interviewing stakeholders, surveys and meetings with IT and their CS to get a thorough understanding of the key objectives and limitations of the project at hand: who are the key users? what are their pain points? what is the common flow for client acquisition and e-bookings?...etc. More importantly, we needed to identify the touchpoints and opportunities to inject the essence of their brand repositioning.

Saudia Cargo’s Goal

The Global Enabler of Reliable Flow

Empowering their people and collaborating with their partners to provide innovative and customized solutions to help them ambitiously realize their visions.

With a goal this big, we needed to think beyond uplifting the user experience and create a digital presence that is as inspiring as their brand promise.

In addition to bringing their new visual identity to life - using subtle animations and  creating an interactive experience for the user with 3D glb. components - it was also essential for us to optimize the written content for the user to have a complete idea of the company’s product & services. We worked with freelance copywriters and 3D designers and our internal team of skilled developers made the vision a reality, all while making sure they met the security and compliance requirements.

The Results

The result was a dynamic and engaging website centered around their “stories” of success around the world, which showcases their products and capabilities from a different angle. In parallel to developing these stories and giving them space to shine,  we made sure to keep the key functions that drive their KPIs easy to access and use.