Begging is an act... Don't React.

Alwaleed Philantrophies

Thousands of women and children are trafficked into Saudi Arabia every year to become part of organized groups that compromise the safety and security of the country. In 2015, beggars managed to trick locals into giving them around 700 million Saudi Riyals. Alwaleed Philanthropies wanted to raise awareness about fake panhandling activities that negatively impact the community in order to direct the donations to the right channels so that they reach people who are truly in need.
We wanted to grab the public's attention.

We wanted to raise awareness on the tricks and the scale of the problem, direct these donations to official & trust-worthy charities, and deliver the message in a new, interactive method to increase word-of-mouth and awareness.

We wanted an innovative approach to raise awareness on the issue of begging and send through our messages to the audience, so we introduced the first anti-begging machine that simulates the begging experience and reveals the tricks of the beggars.

Revealing a new reality.

During the holy month of Ramadan where beggars are most active, we distributed a series of posters equipped with motion detection sensors that display unfortunate and disabled beggars who call to passersby for donations.

When money is inserted into the machine, the beggars reveal themselves to be perfectly sound and without any disabilities. After the donators realize where their money went, they are prompted a choice to donate their money to the right channels or a refund.

We grabbed the media attention
Regional and local news outlets covered the story, and popular social media influencers supported the cause.