Have a floral one


So Fleur is a chic and elegant space set in the heart of the capital of a golden Kingdom that embraces change and a vivacity never seen before. It morphs into a bakery, a tea salon, a flower shop, a business hub, an art gallery, or a corner where one wishes to lose one’s self behind a good book or a friend's warm company.
SoFleur team approached us to develop the brand character, storytelling, and expression. Also, they needed us to look into the brand's existing guidelines, assess the brand from a visual perspective, and develop a solid brand system, all along with the packaging, the menu, and the brand expression. Furthermore, our team collaborated with SoFleur interior designer in delivering the brand experience at the space itself.
The story

Life is a conglomerate of moments, some forgettable and some that never leave you but play an integral role in shaping your life and your personality.

With this belief in mind, we created an exclusive haven for those that truly appreciate the value of lasting moments. Inspired by classical notes that move your sentiment, the soft colors of feminine allure, the delicate transience of nature, and the luxurious delicacy of unique confections, So Fleur came to be.

So Fleur is a chic and elegant space, set in the heart of the capital of a golden Kingdom that is embracing change and a vivacity never seen before. In this backdrop of honoring traditions with a vision set on an exciting future, So Fleur made its mark. It morphs into a bakery, a tea salon, a flower shop, a business hub, an art gallery, or simply a corner where one wishes to lose one's self behind a good book or a friend's warm company. In the spirit of ensuring your sophisticated lifestyle is innately tied with elegance, we also offer catering services for private tea soirées and events.

Offering a delightful menu that elevates its surroundings of nature, So Fleur plays with your senses by making you truly believe you are in heavenly quarters. Our wide selection of flowers are regularly flown in for your pleasure, from Europe, South Africa and South America, brought to tease your senses in the shape of seasonal bouquets that you may purchase for your beloved; delicate teas of fresh floral flavors, be it rose, lavender or lilies of the valley; and a mise en scene that makes you forget about the world while you are in our company. With us, you are not simply our guest but a friend that we are honored to serve. In our magical atmosphere, we take assurance in knowing we play an important role in shaping the moments of your life, lifestyle, and personality.

After all, So Fleur is not simply a destination; it is an extension of the uniqueness within you.

So Fleur, Have a floral one!

Brand Values

An exclusive haven that encourages the dreamer to let loose, sit back, and enjoy nature that stimulates all senses. A magical and ethereal atmosphere, with a childlike innocence that only comes from the purity of organic nature and authentic surroundings. A space that exists to bring out the uniqueness in personality, ensuring a lifelong commitment to making memories last by the simple token of being aware, present, and grateful.

Charming | Dreamer | Magical Curious | Passionate | Aware

Brand assessment

SoFleur team never wanted to rebrand, they asked us to assess the brand's visual identity and propose slight enhancements if needed. After observing the current identity, we found that the gold leaf image has a low definition quality, making the logo size increment impossible; the existing logo had many shadows and effects, which makes it complicated to apply on different backgrounds, and in different mediums, especially digital applications. On the other hand, we thought of unifying the tones of the Gold Pantone color and the Gold leaf. We also wanted the gold, black, and white to become more harmonious and have a natural feel!

The pattern usage wasn't defined as well, so many patterns with different styles which made it difficult for the brand to look consistent.

After eliminating the visual effects from the logo, refining the design, defining a flat version, and adding another version with a better gold texture, we create various variations of SoFleur logo that can work on any background and in any size.

Pattern usage

After we defined the brand's only pattern that can be utilized differently depending on the medium we're using (corporate, communication, packaging, interior..).

We also proposed a new photograpy style that showcases SoFleur’s brand character‭ where ‬subjects should be pictured in lively moments full of energy‭, ‬conveying a positive impact‭, ‬smiling, and connecting to the surrounding environment‭.‬