Mercury Girl

Manga Production

Manga Productions, a subsidiary company of Mohammed bin Salman's "MiSK" Foundation, focuses on producing animations and developing video games and comics with creative and positive content targeting Saudi and international groups of society to inspire the heroes of tomorrow.
Editorial design
Design system
Cover design
Type design
"Mercury Girl" is a comic story developed by the Manga Productions team. The comic theme follows Gekiga manga genre, which focuses on 'Dramatic pictures', targets adults, and features complex narratives and cinematographic effects. Drawing is idealized, with emotions conveyed through large, expressive eyes and symbols such as flowers.
The story

The story takes place in a fantasy world where every firstborn girl gets infected with a mutation caused by red Mercury, and the affected girls are called (mercury girls).

In this story, the heroine mom (Yamamah) tries to find a cure for her child (Mai), who has the mutation, instead of killing her or abandoning her, as is common among people, to deal with their daughters of Mercury.

Yamama embarks on an adventure in which she encounters many characters, dangers, and surprises to save her daughter›s life and give her a happy life as a sane child.

boldbrands team created a visual identity, from the logo to the design system, that reflects the story, showcases the characters, and helps publish and promote the story throughout different mediums. The logo features a typographic interpretation of the name with a Mercury-Like effect and an embedded emblem of a mercury illustration provided by the Manga Production team.

The layout system is a composite of shapes, patterns, typography, and colors that combine with the illustrated characters and scenes provided by the Manga Production team to create a fluid and flexible yet systematic design.

Brand's expression

After creating the brand's assets, the boldbrands team helped develop the brand's expression to make the story magazine cover, the communication templates, and a collection of merchandise products that help promote this comic story.