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Communications, space, and technology commission

Mutasil is a connected platform that provides all the electronic services offered by the Communications, Space, and Technology Commission.
Digital Branding
Visual identity
Design system
As part of the Communications, Space, and Technology Commission services, mutasil plays a significant role in meeting the needs of individuals in the field of communications and information technology, as well as providing business services to open new horizons for investment in KSA.
Identity creation

Since Mutasil is a service provided by the Communications, Space, and Technology Commission (CST), we wanted Mutasil visual to have a link with CST brand identity. Mutasil emblem and colors are extracted from CST logo and recreated in a distinguished way yet presented as a platform created by CST.


The iconography style resembles the logo and visual identity, reflecting networking and connectivity.

The symbol is accompanied by a bright palette of blues and purples and a selection of more muted light greys that provide contrast. The palette is used extensively throughout the various infographics and also improves functionality across all of Mutasil’s digital applications.